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    As the name suggests that it documents where an individual or a group of people who want to start their business explain their business idea and how is everything gonna come to be. A business plan can be written for new businesses and for existing businesses as well. Now you might be wondering how a business plan can be written for an existing business. Well, businesses do expand, don’t they? Expansion can be in terms of floors, location, new branches, employee-wise expansion, product line-wise expansion, etc.

    Writing a Business Plan Australia

    Elements of a business plan

    A business plan includes several heads which include basic product ideas, marketing plan, financial plan, and many other sections. Experts at Masters Assignment Help will write the perfect business plan for you in no time. These elements of a business plan have been explained in the following paragraphs:

    Product Plan

    This is the first section of the business plan in which the writer explains what the product(s) going to be, where the business will operate, key milestones, key objectives, unique selling proposition, and overall justification of why this is going to be a success. When you place an order with Masters Assignment Help for writing a business plan, you need to make sure that you clearly mention what is the product that you have selected for the business plan and where you are planning to operate.

    Management Plan

    In this section, the businessman writes about who will be working in the business and who will be hired as what. For example, for a restaurant, a businessman will hire one or two chefs, cooks, waiters, restaurant manager, etc. Along with this, you also need to mention the hourly rate, the monthly salary, annual salary, and the yearly appraisal rate for each employee as well. The online assignment writers at Masters Assignment Help suggest that hourly rate varies from country to country and hence it is necessary for the student to make sure that it is followed, otherwise, the business plan will be rejected upfront.

    Operational Plan

    In this section, the student or the businessman is supposed to discuss, from where the raw material will be purchased, what are those raw materials, the price of the raw material, emergency plan, what will happen if the regular vendor is not available, licensing, hiring a lawyer, etc. The business plan writers at Masters Assignment Help say that in this section, you talk about you are actually going to implement the idea that you have discussed.

    Marketing Plan

    First thing first, a marketing plan could be a whole new assignment. Most of the students who are pursuing an MBA or any other business management course or diploma in marketing or strategic management will write a business plan at one point or the other. Whether a marketing plan is being prepared as an individual assignment or as a part of the business plan, the structure remains the same. Experts at Masters Assignment Help suggest that the length of a marketing plan is less when prepared as a part of the business plan, compared to when prepared as an individual assignment. The main points that are included in the marketing plan are marketing objectives, marketing strategies, marketing mix/service mix, etc.

    Financial Plan

    Last but not the least, the financial plan is where you explain your sources of revenue, your expenses, your profit/loss, etc. This is basically where you get a clear picture of the financial position of the business. Along with this, the financial plan also includes sales projection, profit/loss projections, break-even analysis, cash flow projections and balance sheet as well. Online assignment help experts at our company suggest that it can be difficult for a student who is not from accounting and/or finances background to prepare this section of the plan.

    Why Masters Assignment Help for Business Plan Writing?

    Apart from the subject matter knowledge that our expert possesses, the reason why we should give your business plan assignment to us is that we have never missed a deadline. We are not in this industry for money, we actually care for the students who come from different countries and just because of the language barrier they cannot compete. Along with this, the preview feature of Masters Assignment Help ensures that only high-quality online assignment writer is assigned for your work.

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