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In case of poor grades arising due to our services, we shall offer reworks but there is no refund whatsoever as each assignment is considered a product and once the assignment is delivered to you, it is considered as the product sold.

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Terms of service made in the latest agreement between student and Mastersassignmenthelp.com will supersede and terminate all the prior agreements.


We reserve the right to terminate the whole or part of the service agreement at any time.
Entire Agreement
Terms of service made in the latest agreement between student and Mastersassignmenthelp.com will supersede and terminate all the prior agreements.

  • Termination
  • We reserve the right to terminate the whole or part of the service agreement at any time. 
  • Entire Agreement
  • Terms of service made in the latest agreement between student and Mastersassignmenthelp.com will supersede and terminate all the prior agreements. 
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