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    A systematic review or systematic literature review is a research study that is completely based on secondary qualitative or secondary quantitative data. It should be noted here that critical appraisal can be a part of systematic reviews as well. As the name suggests this study relies on a systematic way to collect secondary data from past studies. On the basis of the findings of these studies, the researcher attempts to answer his/her research questions(s).

    Key Concepts in Statistics

    There are many concepts in statistics and sometimes these concepts are applied, along with economics concepts and models as well. Here we have described some of the most common statistics concepts that include concepts from descriptive stats, regression modeling, and factor analysis.

    Systematic Review Assignment Help Australia

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    The standard structure of systematic review suggests that there needs to a background where the researcher should give an overview of the topic. It should be noted here that before working on the actual review, the researcher must prepare a research proposal so that the tutor/professor remains aware of the research question and the proposed methodology. Moreover, it should also be noted here that it is not mandatory for the researcher to prepare a research proposal first before writing a systematic review. If you are doing the review without the proposal, after writing the background, you need to develop the research question. It is recommended by the top experts at Masters Assignment Help that the research question should follow the PICOT format. In PICOT, P stands for population, I for intervention, C for comparison, O for outcome, and T for time. After preparing the research question, the research should mention the databases which he/she is going to use to collect secondary pieces of evidence. This process is to be followed by keyword searches, including a clear description of search strategy, inclusive and exclusive criteria, PRISMA, data charting, discussion, and finally a conclusion. Lastly, it should be noted that a systematic review can be done with or without meta-analysis.

    Difference between Systematic Review and a Scoping Review

    Yes, they are not the same. In fact, these two are completely different. Scoping review is done to map broad topics and hence the articles that are selected for this review are broad in nature, which is findings may cover a wide range of concepts and specifications. Scoping review is very useful when the selecting topic has not been very much reviewed or the topic is very complex in nature. It should be noted here that the process for systematic reviews and scoping reviews remains the same. On the other hand, systematic reviews are done for specific topics.

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