Importance of Referencing in Assignments/Assessments

Referencing help can be obtained at Masters Assignment Help. Obtaining help with your assignments is one thing but a student must learn the importance of referencing in assignments/assessments and in other scholarly work. So why do we need references? The answer is simple yet many students underestimate the importance of referencing. By way of referencing, you are able to give credit to the original author. When you do not write a reference for any text, you are claiming that text to be yours even when it is not.

Let me put this simply. Suppose you are writing an article on why is it okay for students to use assignment help services in Australia. Now when you are researching this topic, you found an online article that says that many students face financial problems due to which they have to manage multiple part-time jobs along with their school, and hence they are not able to complete their assignments in time. Now, when you read this sentence, you paraphrased the sentence and presented the sentence as your own. If you present this sentence or information as your own, that is called plagiarism. This is major academic misconduct considered equivalent to theft.

Apart from giving credit to the original author, referencing adds weight to the information that you have written. For example, in your essay on population, you wrote that the world’s most populated country is China, without referencing this sentence. Now consider this, why would your teacher/professor take your word for it. And more importantly, how did you find out about this? You must have read this information from somewhere and hence it becomes mandatory for you to cite it. Continuing this example, if you write “China is the world’s most populous country (China Census, 2019)”, when you wrote “(China Census, 2019)” it gives weight to your sentence and the professor will have no reason to doubt your word. Furthermore, your work is now plagiarism-free.

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What will happen if I submit a Plagiarized Paper?

Another point that may come into your mind is what will happen if I do not give credit to the original author. The answer to this question is very simple. In the worst-case scenario, you will be expelled from the university or college and in the best-case scenario, you will receive a fail grade in the particular unit. In other situations, you may be asked to write a detailed response explaining why did plagiarism occur in the first place, and on the basis of your response, the university or college committee decides whether to expel you or was it really something that occurs by chance and you did not intend to cheat the assignment.

What will happen if I submit a Plagiarized Paper?

Another question that may come to your mind is what shall I do if I am unable to paraphrase the text and do not know how to referencing and do citations. There are two ways o resolve such issues. First is you learn, there is no shortcut to learning. You learn how to paraphrase, how to reference, and cite. The second alternative is to hire a professional essay writer or writing service or take help from the best assignment writing service to make sure that your assessment is original and nothing has been copy-pasted or poorly referenced.

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