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    It refers to a process where the researcher strives to systematically check the outcome of scientific evidence or journal to judge the reliability, significance, and value of the findings presented in that research. This is usually done before starting the research while shortlisting the studies that are to be included in your study. This way researcher ensures that only those sources are included in his/her study that will enhance the quality of evidence for that paper as well. It should be noted here that critical appraisal is done as a part of systematic reviews; however, it can be a separate assignment as well.

    Points to be noted before Working on a Critical Appraisal Assignment

    As the name suggests, in critical appraisal assignments, articles are critically evaluated to check the trustworthiness of the findings of the article. The researcher is supposed to critique every section of the paper in light of the literature. There are several points that need to be taken care of when working on critical appraisal assignments.

    Word count Defined for Critical Appraisal

    The first thing that the students need to check for is what is the word count/ no. of pages specified by the tutor/professor for assigned critical appraisal. The experts at Masters Assignment Help suggest that generally, the word count of a critical appraisal for a single scientific study can be anywhere between 500-2000 words.

    Article Selection for Critical Appraisal

    The next step is to identify how many articles to be selected and on what topic. If you are going to do research on the prevention of diabetes type 2 in young adults, then you need to find relevant articles first (depending upon the assessment brief) from the university library or Google scholar. After findings all the studies that are to be appraised, you need to divide the word count for each study. For example, if the total length of the assignment is going to 2000 words and it was mentioned in the assessment brief that you are supposed to select 4 articles, then each study is to critically apprised in 500 words. When giving such assignments to Masters Assignment Help, you need to make sure such important details are shared with the support team/expert.

    Critical Appraisal Tools

    There are several tools that are available for appraising any article. In most of the cases, your tutor will clearly specify which tool is to be used. The critical appraisal tool is basically a checklist in which there are a set of questions for each type of study. For example, the critical appraisal checklist is different for quantitative studies from qualitative studies. Moreover, the checklist for systematic reviews, diagnostic studies, randomized control trials, cohort studies, case-control studies, etc is completely different as well. Experts at Masters Assignment Help say that it can be difficult for the student to identify what study falls under which category. The most popular appraisal tools are CASP and JBI.

    Why Masters Assignment Help for Critical Appraisal Assignments?

    Well, if you have read the above paragraphs, then you know by now that our experts are well versed with every detail there is when it comes to critically appraising a study. Furthermore, if you have any doubts about the quality delivered by us, you can ask for work samples and assignment preview which is free of cost. Getting online academic assistance is easy at Masters Assignment Help because our main focus is on customer satisfaction, by delivering high-quality work.
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