BSB61218 – Advance Diploma of Program Management

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    BSBPMG624 Engage in collaborative alliances

    Task 2

    Task 2 – Performance and Skills Assessment

    General instructions

    There are 3 parts to this assessment.


    You are currently the project manager and you would like to develop a partnership or alliance with an existing company or business to increase your own customer base. This can be done through a number or ways from marketing, sharing adverting costs, sharing the costs of a project or event. You may choose from one of the following choices:

    1.      Construction Company

    2.      Social Media Company

    3.      Fashion Label

    4.      Restaurant / Café

    5.      BYO

    Once you have selected an area to focus in, you are to research one of the above categories, and then develop a partnership pitch proposal to submit to the intended company. The partnership or alliance can include one of the following categories:

    a.      Marketing

    b.     Advertising

    c.      Rewards Programs

    d.     Events

    e.     Sponsorship


    Part 1 – Partnership Registry

    Create a Partnership and alliance registry for 10 separate businesses that connect to your business case study.

    Part 2 – Partnership Research Report

    Once you have completed the registry, select one business or company to focus on as the primary candidate for your intended partnership or alliance.

    Create a research report and include the following details for your intended partnership or alliance:

    Write the details such as:

    Background and history of Name of Business Type of Business Type of products and services Define how a partnership or alliance would benefit your business case study Define  how a partnership or alliance would benefit the targets business in your case study Choose one business or company to focus on and conduct a SWOT analysis, then present your findings  

    Part 3 Partnership Proposal

    Write a draft partnership proposal for the intended business or company.

    Include the following point to discuss:

    State the reason for your need or want to form a business partnership or alliance with the business you have selected from assessment 1. Write a brief background to the company you intend to pitch to for your business partnership and or alliance. Explain the opportunities you can project for the partnership or collaborative alliance. Explain what benefits will come from the partnership or alliance for your intended business / company. Explain the benefits for your business / company. Explain the WIFM (What’s In IT For Me!)Describe the relationship you wish to form with the intended company or business. Define the aspects you wish to share such as, costs, resources, skills, media, marketing, advertising, monies, brand awareness. Include a partnership agreement draft form for you and the intended company or business. Please sign and date the form and fill out the form with as much detail as possible. Define how you will implement the agreement. Outline areas that may cause a breach. Describe how you intend to keep track of the partnership / alliance and how you will monitor and provide feedback to both parties.  

    End of Assessment!

    Congratulations, you have completed this assessment task.

    Please ensure all questions are answered and upload the following:

    ·        This completed Assessment!

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