BB101 Business Communications

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    Assessment 4: Self-Reflective Report

    Task Description:

    Write a Self-Reflective Report on the how well you and your group members worked together as a team in all group related activities from Weeks 1 to 8. Your report should include a comparative analysis of your group’s teamwork performance regarding the following theoretical principles and concepts that are covered in this unit. To support your findings, you must include at least six in-text citations (from credible sources), that contribute valuable insights to your discussion.

    The following topics must be covered in your report:

    1. Business Communication

    2. Interpersonal Communication Skills

    3. Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, and Self-Efficacy

    4. Oral Communication

    5. Working Effectively in Teams

    6. Negotiation and Conflict Management

    Your report must also contain the following elements:

    1. Title Page (author’s name, who the report is for, the date submitted, and the word count)

    2. Table of Contents (page numbers must match section headings)

    3. Introduction (background, scope of report)

    4. Purpose Statement (aim of the report)

    5. Findings(in-depth analysis of your personal experiences and graphical display of all data collected)

    6. Discussion (comparative self-reflection of your findings and the researched theoretical principals and concepts based on topics 1 – 6)

    7. Conclusions (a summary of the key discussion points)

    8. Recommendations (list of changes that could be made to ensure a better outcome next time)

    9. List of References (in accordance with the APA or IEEE style guidelines)

    10. Appendix (inclusion of data used, and any items that should be included in their entirety)

    The report body must include the following:

    • Appropriate section and sub-section headings

     A balanced amount of content for each section

     The discussion should progress in a logical order, supported by the correct use of paragraphs

     Graphs, tables, and illustrations (include at least one in the findings and refer to it in the discussion)

    • Correct in-text citations and end-text references of written and graphical content, where appropriate

                    Word limit: 1,000 words (5% above or below the word count is permissible).

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