BB101 Business Communications Assessment 5

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    #BB101 Business Communications

    Assessment 5: Job Application Portfolio

    Task Description:

    The purpose of this assessment is for you to demonstrate your ability to search an online job seeking website to identify a job that you are able to apply for now, with your current skills, knowledge, and experience. If you are new to the workforce and do not have any work experience (as many graduates do) you will learn how to promote yourself by drawing on other forms of relevant experience, such as: project work at school, volunteering, being a member of group, etc.  

    The key elements of this assessment are as follows:

     Part 1: Create a formal cover letter that clearly identifies your reason/s for applying and demonstrates your ability to meet the job requirements, using key language from the job advertisement. (Minimum 300 words)

     Part 2: Create an up-to-date resume that is easy to navigate and includes all the information mentioned in the cover letter, using key language from the job advertisement. (Minimum 200 words)

     Part 3: Create a professional online profile that includes a ‘true’ self-portrait picture of yourself, your career interests, the qualifications you have and are currently pursuing and any other relevant information. NB: LinkedIn is recommended, but an equally similar online profile may be used. (Minimum 100 words)

     Submission Documents:

     1. A copy of the full job advertisement, correctly referenced 2. A formal business cover letter, written specifically for the advertised job 3. An up-to-date resume, written specifically for the advertised job 4. A screenshot of your LinkedIn (or equally similar) profile page

     All written content must be proofread and free of errors.

    To achieve these tasks, please follow the instructions as set out in the: 

     A4 – Job Application Portfolio (Instruction Guide) – available on Moodle.

    Important: You may use the template cover letter and resume included as a guide ONLY, however you must not copy and paste and use the same wording. If you do, this will decrease your Academic Integrity and you will be penalized for plagiarism.

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